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Small Business Routers and DMVPN

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Good Morning all!

I have several small branch offices with 2 to 10 users.

I'd rebuilt the systems about three years ago with Cisco 1811W's, but now they are going end-of-life.

As I search Cisco's sites, I came across the new SRP-541W (

It seems almost perfect.... with only one drawback.

I can't do DMVPN any more, a feature I truly came to consider the pinnacle of Cisco's commitment to the SMB space -- I mean a VPN where you only have to know with Hub IP -- that would dynamically create spoke connections...

Read more about DMVPN here ( )

I am reading about the GRE tunneling feature (which has one part of the equation -- the ability to make a nice tunnel) and the IPSEC point-to-point... but it does not seem that they'd really play nice with the hub/spoke scenario, where I could drop one of these routers behind nearly anything (DSL, leased-space network, Phone company services, etc...) and have the tunnel dynamically connect.

Maybe I'm just reading it wrong.

Do any of you out there have experience with the the 520 or 541 connecting back to a hub-site, when you only know the hub IP address (and only want to care about that one?)

If it really isn't there, then consider this a strong request to add DMVPN to the 540 series.

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