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Adjust EIGRP Offset based on Track

I'm attaching a representation, simplified, of my scenario.

I also attached the representative configuration of the two routers in question.

Site-A is our major site (the are actually almost two sites. Different Buildings, but interconnected with Dark-Fiber).

Site-X,Y,Z are the border sites of a big mesh with almost 30 sites and more the 40 Point-To-Point Links.

Everything works fine thank to EIGRP.

(Oh god, how this is better the any other alternate routing protocol)

On Site-A, by redundancy reasons, we have two 3560-E doing Core Routing.

(I was dreaming with VSS, but our money was a little short)

I Use HSRP to provide First Hope Redundancy,

and EIGRP to solve the routing to the radio mesh.

In HSRP I use a track, based on the status of a stub LoopBack, to decrement the priority of HSRP.

With this(shuting and no-shuting this loopback on each router) I can define which one is the Active box.

It works fine...

My problem becomes when I set the secondary box as Active.

(Task that I need to do eventually, to maintenance and things like that)

The problem is that I used the command "offset" on EIGRP to define which of those 3560 would be the prefered by the routers on sites X, Y, and Z.

And when the 3560-3 is the active, traffic goes from him(3560-3) to mesh, but remains coming from mesh to standby box(3560-2).

I was looking for some alternative using a route-map or something like that.

But I couldn't find anything.

My only alternative until now is to set a pair of EMM based on syslog message of track 1 state changing.

Track 1 goes up -> Change the "off-set" to 25

Track 1 goes down -> Change the "off-set" to 50

But I really don't like this kind of solution.

I prefer something already inside of the configuration.

Does anybody has a suggestion?

Edited by: Douglas Fernando Fischer -> First time -> Adjusting translations mistakes.

Edited by: Douglas Fernando Fischer -> Second time -> Attaching Config files with the implemented solution.


Well, after several tentatives... I surrendered myself to EMM.

It works well!

I attached the implemented solution to the original question with suffix "_final".

But my afraid is related to processing capacity on my real scenario

(remembering that this scenario is representative by safety reasons)

In my real scenario I have 10 Costumers, each one in a VRF with at least 5 Interface Vlans each, and several Eigrp Neighbors in total.