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Hi allHope you'll be able to helpWe have 2 core switches and 2 access switches and 1 firewallTopologyThe core switches have HSRP Configured on all vlans where core 1 is is active for 2,3,4,5,6 and core 2 is active for vlan 90,21,100.the vlans are als...

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fred726i by Beginner
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I have 3 ASR 1001-X. I have upgraded all of them from IOS-XE 3 to IOS-XE 17 (along upgrading ROMMON TO 17.3.1). The problem isو just one of them is working properly now and two others are not. For example sub interface is not working but physical int...

Hello,I need help with some routing. I have 3 LANs in Australia (CBR, SYD, and MELB) and 2 international LANs (NY, and LDN). Each network has 3 VLANs, one for Native, one for Admin, and one for Receptionist (data). CBR, NY, and LDN should each have D...

Shuffle by Beginner
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Hi. I would like to try to insert a RV320 into my existing network (for IPsec client VPN purposes), right behind an RV134 (it only does PPTP or site to site), without disrupting the port forwarding, DMZ and an IPIP tunnel to the current nw. I am atta...

julianp by Beginner
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Hello,i have tried to connect an ASR1004(RP2,ESP20,SIP10) and a C6504E(VS-S720-10G) over 10G direct links. 10G port on C6504E is located on a WS-X6708-10GE ( with WS-F6700-DFC3C) linecard. Both interfaces are "MPLS" enabled via "mpls ip"IP connectivi...

Steve by Beginner
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Dear all,I have a following topology in my lab:R1 (as 208097) -- > R2 ISP (as16010)  -- R3 (as 35805)                                                |                                      R4 (as 10101)I want to prepend my announce for AS35805 only wi...

mirage by Beginner
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Hello everyone, I'm configuring 3 switches and I want to control which port will become the Alternating/Blocking port. I have configured the port that that should be blocked PO3 on S2 as port priority 0 and the port PO3 on S3 as port priority 240. Fo...

danielsffs by Beginner
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Doing a lab.R9 is not forming sessions with R10 and R11:here is debug on R9Jun 8 23:00:58.002: BGP: Active open failed - tcb is not available, open active delayed 10240ms (35000ms max, 60% jitter)*Jun 8 23:00:58.002: BGP: ses global 192....

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hfakoor222 by Enthusiast
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Hi Guys,Can anyone explain to me in simple terms what the difference is between IS-IS single topology and multitopology?The documents available online are very confusing and conflicting, even cisco's.I have tried to simulate both on my labs and canno...

Hi Dears,We have remote branch connected to HQ via MPLS and IPSEC-GRE tunnel is configured on cisco routers on both ends. Both branches have separate DIAS internet links. Now I am looking to let one vlan subnet from HQ to use internet from remote bra...