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BGP routing based on ARIN info

Florin Barhala
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Hi guys,

I have discovered weird routing from our ISP all related to BGP. Here is the scenario (real-one).

- there is a /19 prefix bought about 10 years ago, which was registered with ARIN authority.

- as bussiness grew each site got it /24.

The trouble starts in APNIC region in ASIA. We export one /24 prefix the regular way using two local ISPs.

When trying to reach this prefix from different ASIA sites like India or China all traffic is sent to US West Coast then back to our site. Except additional hops, this also adds about 150ms latency.

What I already tried:

- AS prepend each ISP at a time so the other left would be preffered for all inbound traffic

- both tests went similar as in both scenarios traffic hit US before reaching this trouble site.

As there is no other local special config I can think of like communities, how can I explain this?

Are both local ISP taking in consideration the ARIN info and based on that send traffic to US?



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Florin Barhala
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Any thoughts on this guys?

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