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Can I send prefix information from SQL Server to a Cisco router


For example,




I would like to send prefixes stored in a table to given routers - is this type of functionality supported, and would anyone be able to point me to where I could learn more about it

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Georg Pauwen
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VIP Master



you ca send anything to the router flash, the question is if the router can do anything (interpret) (with) that file. What do you want to accomplish, what is the router supposed to do with that file ?

Joseph W. Doherty
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Hall of Fame Master

Directly from SQL?  Probably not.

Indirectly from SQL?  Probably yes.

The latter might be accomplished by some program/script that can communicate with both the SQL server and the router.

As @Georg Pauwen also inquires, there's related question of how you would inject and/or store and/or also use these SQL prefixes on the router.  For example, you might format the SQL prefixes as static routes and/or ACL ACEs, or a program that communicates with both the SQL server and router, might "talk" to the router via a dynamic routing protocol.

I want to allocate prefxes dynamically to the routers based on statistics sent back to the server, so ACE's or Static routes work fine either way.


The SQL tables will be updated dynamically from the traffic statistics.


It may be a updated virtual table based on a saved indexed table.

There's even the possibility of running statical regressions on historic flow data, possibly setting up wighted regressions to extrapolate to routing traffic in a particular manner. 


At its bare bones I would like the SQL server to pump the prefixes out, potentially after certain thresholds have been met. 

I would liek a way to load the routes in for a given time span (i.e 30 minutes) and then they're purged.


That's essentially it. 

Jon Marshall
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Hall of Fame Community Legend


As already said there will not be a direct connection between a router and an SQL database. 


If you have any experience scripting/programming you may want to look at Python which has a Netmiko module which makes it easy to connect to Cisco devices and execute commands and also has modules for connecting to SQL databases. 



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