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cisco RV042


Good Morning,

I am .from the Philippines, I have this Cisco RV042 from a friend 3 years ago and still working, I use this router mainly for dual wan purposes because i have two ISP, my problem since was when the other ISP will expire the Data because here in the Philippines the ISP gave limited data for a month of used like for example my isp package will only give 10G of data refresh every 12MN daily and when the data consumes before Midnight my connection will run so very slow even the other ISP WAN2 is running at 8Mbp speed what i do, I will turn off the WAN 1 modem and my connection will give the Mbps of WAN2. And also how can i register my RV042 the activation code is already lost.

Here is the detail of my RV042

Cisco RV042 Configuration Utility

Serial Number :  NKS11023536 Firmware Version :  v4.0.0.07-tm (Aug 19 2010 19:19:50)
PID VID :  RV042 V03 Firmware MD5 Checksum :  5a58bcbb6358a78a2b40cbf50fc4a1f0
LAN IP / Subnet mask : Working Mode :  Gateway
System Up Time :  0 Days 0 Hours 33 Minutes 40 Seconds  (Now : Thu Dec 15 2016 16:34:07)

  Thank you 


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Georg Pauwen
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to find the activation code for your RV042, follow this procedure:

1. Go to the “Cisco ProtectLink Web” menu item
2. Click on “License”
3. Click “View detailed license online”

rv082 screenshot.jpg

With regard to your ISP problem, I guess you are looking for a way to automate the switch over to the other ISP, once the speed drops below a certain threshold ?

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