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DMVPN and default routing via spoke site

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Level 1

I have a scenario where there is a need to modify the default route on a DMVPN from the hub site to a spoke site. All sites utilise BGP and are advertising their specific local subnets.

Having lab'd this up i can't see any issues in doing this as long as the spoke site is up of course. Is there any reasons why I shouldn't be doing this?

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Normally DIA is common in DMVPN  what you need it only use front VRF or use static route for hub IP.



what does your topology look like, what did you change ?

Nothing has changed. This is all in the planning stage. Simple hub and spoke DMVPN setup over a private WAN. Each site is advertising their subnets over the dmvpn via eBGP.  However i'd like to introduce a default route out of a spoke site, so all the sites would go that way for say Internet traffic for example. I am wondering if there is some reason why this would be a bad thing to do.  I can't see one myself but thought i'd put it out there.

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