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Do VLAN names need to be unique across WAN

I currently have VLANs created at my Corporate Site, but now have a requirement to implement them at my remote sites.  My questions is, I currently have VLAN names like Production, Backup, Wireless.  Can I still use those same names across the WAN even though the subnet would be different?

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Do VLAN names need to be unique across WAN

Unless your are bridging (not a good idea) vlan ids, either name or number are local. since you mention different subnets, the assumption is you will be routing, so if it makes sense, use the same names. just have a means to identify the location.

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Do VLAN names need to be unique across WAN

Not sure what you mean.

If you mean the WAN is a routed WAN and you are simply creating new vlans at the remote sites then yes you can use the same names or you can use different names, it's up to you. The vlans won't see each other anyway because it is a routed WAN so it't not relevant.  What i mean by "see" is that they don't see each other at L2. You can still route from one vlan to another.

If you mean the WAN is L2 and you want the same vlan at each end then you should keep the names the same.

But i'm guessing as you say it's a different subnet it's probably a different vlan.


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