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Due to WCCP fake TUNNEL Creation on router 2911

Hi All,

We have 5 Tunnel interfaces( we created only 1 & 2) on the router, not sure how it got there but we are unable to delete them or configure them.

They seem to take the loopback ip as source and if I delete the loopback interface it chooses another IP.

Now we want to configure tunne 3 and tunnel 4 for the other provider at remote office but tunnel 3 and tunnel 4 is automatically created by the WCCP.


1. How can we remove these tunnel 3 and 4 and replace with our ip address.

2. I dont want these tunnels in any case, is there any procedure to remove these tunnels.

Output from sh ip int brief,

Tunnel0                YES unset  up                    up

Tunnel1                YES NVRAM  up                    up

Tunnel2               YES NVRAM  up                    up

Tunnel3                YES unset  up                    up

Tunnel4                YES unset  up                    up


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Sandeep,

In IOS versions where WCCP is VRF aware, such as 15.0M and 15.1T, the use of GRE redirection will result in some new tunnel interfaces appearing. On the ASR platform these tunnel interfaces are also present from IOS XE release 2.5 onwards (although VRF support within WCCP on the ASR platform is not present until IOS XE release 3.1).

So what you see is perfectly normal and you cannot do anything to change this, unless you want to change the WCCP redirection mode, or disable WCCP completely.


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