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ERSPAN and multiple sources

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Hi all,


I am trying to enable an erspan capture on a Nexus switch.

In a test environment with a basic setup, I was able to get everything working.

However, I have not quite figured out how to get it to work in a real life scenario where I am trying to capture packets from multiple sources where:


  1. One source is a port on the same switch with multiple sub-interfaces. I know that ERSPAN does not support this and so I have attempted to capture by configuring the VLANs on each of those sub-interfaces as sources but I do not think it is working. Will ERSPAN work if I configure the sessions's vrf to "default" but the sub-interfaces are on a different vrf and by specifying the vlans of the subinterfaces?
  2. Do all source vlans need to be reachable by the destination (capture station) and/or the switch where erspan is running? or would it simply duplicate the packets of all the sources specified for that monitor session to be sent to the destination/capture station of the erspan? for example: if my destination IP is configured to be and my source are vlans 2,4,6,8,10 (each being a different subnet i.e., etc.), will that be an issue?
  3. I configured the origin ip-address as the IP address of the switch that belongs in the same vlan (also in the network as per my destination capture station. Is that the correct thing to do?


Thank you

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