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How to setup an RV180 for SurfShark? (OpenVPN Client settings)

I've recently subscribed for SurfShark VPN service and I'm trying to familiarize myself with their settings for the router with VPN Client. I have a Cisco RV180 router. However, I'm not that geek and I've lost amidst the jungle of settings as in their tutorial the layout of the router settings are totally different than on my RV180. I even don't know if this named router is capable of setting it up properly for Surfshark. Another suggested offer is an OpenWRT, when the firmware of the router is replaced by an open firmware, though for their recent firmware one needs to assure that his/her router has more than 4 MB FLASH and more than 32 MB RAM.
Sounds strange but these above two figures are nowhere available for my RV180 router, neither in the setup pages nor in the online datasheet. Where can I find the Flash and RAM capacities?
Please could you help me sort out things to be able to use the SurfShark VPN network? Thx a lot!

Georg Pauwen
VIP Expert



the RV180 has 64 MB of RAM and 16 MB of flash.


What tutorial are you following, do you have a link ?

Hi Georg,


Thanks for the useful data you provided. Well, as I've written, it's a Surfashark VPN subscription and I would like to set up my RV180 to use with Surfshark by following the tutorial that is available through this link below:

by clicking the link: How to set up Surfshark VPN on DD-WRT router?


Because the menu layout of the router used for demonstration in the tutorial is very different from the one I have on my RV180 unit, and as I have no such deep experience in the subject, I don't know how to set up my router and I even don't know if this router was suitable for applying these settings at all... A VPN client should be set up by the way.

So, if there could be anyone instructing me on how to set up the RV180 based on the above tutorial, then I would be more than happy.


On the other hand, if my router couldn't be set in this way, then there's an option: a custom firmware could be uploaded into the router. (Therefore I needed the flash and RAM capacities of my router to make sure it would be capable to run on this device. A minimum of 4MB FLASH and 32MB RAM is needed, so according to your answer the RV180 fulfills these criteria). The tutorial for this purpose is accessible through the same link above by clicking on this link:

How to set up a router with OpenWRT


Thank you and kind regards,





I'll have a look at the link and how to 'translate' this into the RV180 settings...