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L (local route) Eliminates the multicast PHANTOM RP

jacob shriki
Level 1
Level 1

hi all,

i have a problem regarding multicast bidir redudency RP.

as we know the redudency RP with bidir is created by the PHNTOM RP-

"The  preferred  method  for providing  Bidir  rendezvous  point redundancy  can  be   designed  using

loopback networks with  different mask  length . This  mechanism  relies  on  unicast  routing  longest

match  route  lookups to guaranteea  consistent  path  to  the  rendezvous  point"

in the new IOS  image (I.E router 3945), when we create a loopback, the router will install L route (which is host /32 route).

beacause of the /32 route the PHANTOM RP can not work properly.

R1_BACKUP_RP# interface Loopback2
description RP_address
ip address X.X.200.1
ip pim sparse-mode

R1_BACKUP_RP#sh ip route
L       x.x.200.1/32 is directly connected, GigabitEthernet0/1

the x.x.200.1/32 address is the ip of the master RP but beacuse of that L route

the pim can creat the shrade tree as it should.

anyone can verify?


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AJ Cruz
Level 3
Level 3

I don't see a way around it.

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