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packet drops and causing slow network

We are getting some packet drops on our some 2960 switchs.

sh int f0/27 | inc drops|bits

Input queue: 0/75/0/0 (size/max/drops/flushes); Total output drops: 10297

5 minute input rate 0 bits/sec, 0 packets/sec

5 minute output rate 6000 bits/sec, 3 packets/sec

And users are complaining about slow network and taking long to open any network drives.

It’s a (C2960-HBOOT-M) Version 12.2(46r)SE2 lanbasek9-mz.122-55.SE3.bin

But there is not much traffic going trough and we still getting drops

FastEthernet0/27 is up, line protocol is up (connected)

Hardware is Fast Ethernet, address is

Description: Level 11 VoIP and Data Connection

MTU 1500 bytes, BW 100000 Kbit, DLY 100 usec,

    reliability 255/255, txload 1/255, rxload 1/255

Encapsulation ARPA, loopback not set

Keepalive set (10 sec)

Full-duplex, 100Mb/s, media type is 10/100BaseTX

input flow-control is off, output flow-control is unsupported

ARP type: ARPA, ARP Timeout 04:00:00

Last input 2w0d, output 00:00:00, output hang never

Last clearing of "show interface" counters 1w3d

Input queue: 0/75/0/0 (size/max/drops/flushes); Total output drops: 10297

Queueing strategy: fifo

Output queue: 0/40 (size/max)

5 minute input rate 3000 bits/sec, 3 packets/sec

5 minute output rate 30000 bits/sec, 7 packets/sec

    408520 packets input, 102710312 bytes, 0 no buffer

    Received 220 broadcasts (0 multicasts)

    0 runts, 0 giants, 0 throttles

    0 input errors, 0 CRC, 0 frame, 0 overrun, 0 ignored

    0 watchdog, 0 multicast, 0 pause input

    0 input packets with dribble condition detected

    1695780 packets output, 686477375 bytes, 0 underruns

    0 output errors, 0 collisions, 0 interface resets

    0 babbles, 0 late collision, 0 deferred

    0 lost carrier, 0 no carrier, 0 PAUSE output

    0 output buffer failures, 0 output buffers swapped out

sh int f0/27 counters errors

Port      Align-Err    FCS-Err  Xmit-Err    Rcv-Err UnderSize OutDiscards

Fa0/27            0          0                  0              0        0                    10297

so we just make this port a access port and remove the phone to see if we still getting drops

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packet drops and causing slow network

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