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Packet tracer for school project

6 classes with one pc each . Internet connection, 1 printer, wifi, 8 tablets with fixed ip address, NAS. this is the project i need to do I dont know much about Packet tracer maybe someone who can help me. I would like to implement a firewall i dont know how to begin so help is very much needed.

Thank you in advance

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Flavio Miranda
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VIP Mentor


 Not a difficult task. 

Do you intend to run cable from each class to the switch? which distance is it?  Otherwise, you need to add a switch per class

I added a router and a fireall but not necessarily need both..



The classes are not really far max 100 meters, is it necessary to add a switch in every class for pc connectivity 

 It depends.   If you are going to use Cat6E cabling which is expensive, and depending on the distance, maybe a small switch on the class can be better. This could give you the possibility to connect more devices on the future without the necessity of run more cables.

 But it is a matter of sit down and to the math in terms of cost.

I will not add PKT file as you already have. If you want anything in particular from configuration, I can help.


But i dont know how to implement the firewall in the right way would be nice to see it in pkt

You are not going to learn how to implement a firewall using PacketTracer, but, here is a file with a pretty basic setup.



Could u add the pkt file to see how i do the firewall thing

Georg Pauwen
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VIP Master



I made some changes to your network. I don't know what your level of experience is, here is what I did. Feel free to ask if things don't make sense:


- created a Vlan for each class (Vlan 10 thru Vlan 60)

- added a switch to each class (for PC connectivity)

- added a management Vlan for the switches (Vlan 1 -

- added subinterfaces on the router for each Vlan

- created DHCP pools for each Vlan

- added a Vlan for the Secretariaat (Vlan 80)

- configured trunk links (for connections between switches, and between the switch and the router)

- configured access links for all other devices

- tablets have static IP addresses, PCs get DHCP assigned IP addresses


There is a lot more you could do, but I don't know what the requirements are. Attached the revised file (saved in Packet Tracer version 8.1.1., so you need to have that version installed in order to be able to open the file).


I have not connected the NAS, as it is unclear what the NAS is supposed to do in your network.

Would it be necessary for this school to add a firewall or is it already in it?



That's quite a project you have at school. I could only dream of these. We were so bored, it was terrifying. I don't understand why they don't do such interesting projects everywhere. I was disappointed that I even found a website that writes essays, used for that. It was kind of like a depression. If I were a director, I'd put all my money into development. I would try to get my school to the top of the city. That everyone would talk about it and want to study there.

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