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part number for 887va-w with ip services? and image names?

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I see that if I ask for 887va-sec-k9 I get an 887va with "advanced ip services" instead of the default "advanced security".

I can't see a corresponding part number for an 887va-w with advanced ip services. Is there one?

Also, what would the part number be for memory to expand a va-w up to the max possible memory?

At a guess it would be the same part used to upgrade an 887va from 256 to 768, but since the part to upgrade

from 256 to 512 is not the same as the part to upgrade from 512 to 768 I am not sure this is a safe guess.

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Level 1

pressed send too soon..

also it seems a bit odd that in docs on 887 family I see three images.. universal-data, universal-voice, and universal.

And is it really true that 887VA has a fan and 887VA-W does not? It's not that I imagine the docs are wrong,

but I find myself wondering why the extra wireless stuff makes the -W model cooler.

I am using

for the specs and for

the information on fans and images.

• c880data-universalk9-mz: Universal image for the Cisco 880 Series data-only models

• c880voice-universalk9-mz: Universal image for the Cisco 880 Series voice models

• c800-universalk9-mz: Universal image for the C881W, C886VA-W, C887VA-W and C887VAM-W models

are the W models newer than the others so that for some reason they run cooler and have a separate family

of images?

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