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QoS Guidance


I am running an MPLS and need to implement QoS services across it. The provider has given me with their QoS documentation. I've read it and the QoS is based on IP Precedence bits.. I can designate up to four queues and chose a variety of options to make it behave in a certain way. I have a selected queuing option and template.

So, now I am seeking guidance on how to best to configure my network. On one end, I have a 3650 Switch with IP base on the other end I have a 2811 router with IP voice.

I have my different classes of applications in different subnets. Which, should give the ability to use ACLs to identify track and then set IPP bits.

My question is, where is a good document that can help with this configuration? I am pretty comfortable with the ACLs, but not so much with the IPP portion. I have some tolerance for time, so I am trying to do the research and work the process and do it myself. Hope for whitepapers, kb articles, or maybe even buy a book.


VIP Expert

Some documentation that might

Some documentation that might help . . .


Unfortunately, you will not

Unfortunately, you will not achieve WAN grade QoS on a switch.  There are lots of nifty commands there on a switch, but in the end there will be a lot missing even with a 3650.  I would suggest investing in a second router for your remote.  If your carrier is Verizon, be careful, they will intentionally impact, induce packet loss, on your voice (EF marked) traffic if you do not have the gold CAR (purchased voice quality data rate) on your circuit.  If not Verizon, ignore that statement, no one else does that craziness.

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