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SNA to Ethernet via 56k


trying to establish a connection on  an ibm 3745 controller via two IBM 5822 modems to a cisco 2600 router using sdlc encapsulation secondary bridging data from the serial port to the E/Net port to run the 3270 client ???


Matthew thanks for the reply! Is the vmac and partner address are arbitrary or do they need to be based on an actual mac address? Refering to your mention of the PC mac address. Not sure if I needed to use the bitswap tool to change actual mac addresses or just create my own Just not clear on that aspect. Then I assume i configure the PC to talk to a mac or I assign an address. Just seeing different things in examples, such as in
though that is a bit different scenario.

My scenario is exactly as described, IBM 3745 -> IBM 5822 modem -> 56k leased line -> IBM 5822 -> Cisco 2600 WIC-1T -> PC/3270 emulation software. I was using a SDLC card attatched to the 5822, but could not get any communication. At the moment that is the case with the Cisco 2600 using the DB60-DB25 cable, about to try the DB60-V.35 cable. I will likely have more questions once I can talk to the 5822 from the 2600.

William, Is the IBM5822 also doing dlsw ? My assumption is that it has a dlsw peer to the 2600 and is also converting sdlc to dlsw. Any chance of opening a tac case so we can make a webex and take a look at what is happening. Matthew

I have very little information on the IBM 5822, no documentation and nothing from IBM. Really have no idea what it is doing or not. We were using a Microgate SynkLink GT SDLC adapter, but could not establish communication between the card and the IBM 5822. Microgate was unable to help, and they offered to refund the purchase 2yrs later, rather than supporting. Doing research I came across this where it was the exact thing I am trying to do, and lots of documention on Cisco's being used to convert SNA networks to IP. Thus assumed we could use a 2600 to connect to the IBM 5822 and proceed. Right now I am not able to bring up the serial interface, I am having the datacenter switch cables from DB60-DB25 to DB60-V.35 and hopefully can bring up the serial interface and begin experimenting from there.

I have no problem opening a TAC case, but likely have to purchase some sort of support or something from Cisco first, not sure. I have discussed that with my client and are expecting such, its why we went the Cisco route. So we could get help from Cisco in getting connected, trying to interface with state government.

Can you drop me a mail offline with your phone number and time zone ( Matthew

Sent you an email from, might need to check your spam folder sometimes my emails end up in there. Also got initial serial connectivity to the IBM 5822 via the DB60-V.35 cable. Now to get the rest of the settings correct and bring up the line so we can communicate with the IBM 3745. I will follow back up on this post once I get things working in case others end up down this path as well.

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