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WAG120N home high grade ADSL+ router

Good Day,

I've cisco entusiast as I own it for many years the WAG120N which is running smoothly, just a bit hot temperature. (Firmware Version:V1.00.20)

Consider is a kind of top home gamma router.

I'm writing this post because I'm wondering how long does it take to upgrade the firmware; it's from the 11/17/2014 which didn't come out an upgrade, leaving it bugged.

I will list at the bottom the points that I'm happy to see done in future,at least the ones i remember now... :

-no ipv6 support - I found a hidden page which let you set up the ipv6 but is just detached from the software engine, so after pressing save nothing happens.

-the option to deny access to the admin panel from wi fi is broken, enabling or disabling it leave the wi fi client access to the web admin panel always.

-Many security bugs are not patched from the wan...

-the log of attacks never come by mail as the option is saying that is possible

-from firefox the web admin never works, i'm forced to use chrome.

-if i enable the wi fi protected setup the system will become vulnerable.

-the wi fi password still in clear text after save; and as the web admin is vulnerable how can it be safe place?

-You created a multi user access but where are the privileges assignation? useless

I know is not a professional one, but when i bough it i pay a lot to get the top, trusting the linksys brand and cisco.

Someone said to me thaty after 3 years I need to change the router because is obsolete and is normal to trash it, which it seems to me madness. Cause i cannot buy every 3 years a top class router.

The hardware is working well, why gifts it to the trash bin? so much pollution and working garbage.

As developer i know that software and harware developing needs priorities and budget to get done, and probably you leave some things undone to developes something else, but let me know what i need to do:

Do I need really to trash it and buy a shite 20 euros ADSL router every 2 years, which to me seem a bad choice, cause the brands of those are ugly.

I have to say for the working technology features i've nothing to claim, as I'm very happy with them, good work done.

Thank You in advice,

Best Regards


Community Manager


Thanks for contacting us, unfortunately Cisco does not support this router anymore. Since Belkin acquired Linksys we don’t provide support on this product.

You can contact Linksys support to request further assistance.

Nevertheless, according to what you mentioned and to the current version you’re running in the router (which is the latest one) we can let you know that you will not be able to support all the features that you’re looking for. In order to obtain all the features you’re looking for, you might need to upgrade the router.

Hopefully this information is useful.

Hello Hilda,

Thanks for the information, btw I searched that model on the web, and it is never been re-branded by Belkin or removed Cisco logo. It was made when they were together, and left it to become obsolete. Nevermind.

I want to buy a Cisco home ADSL router, which one could you suggest as long term firmware updates?

Thanks again


Community Manager


Good to hear from you again, thanks for considering my message and for reviewing the information. Indeed Cisco’s logo has not been removed from the router but it is no longer supported by Cisco, nowadays Linksys is the one that provide support for this particular model.

Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with ADLS home routers but I’ll look for someone who can assist you here.

Cisco Employee

Cisco doesn't really make home routers (DSL or otherwise) any longer since we sold off the Linksys division. There are plenty of small to medium business routers from Cisco that would work for you, but they're probably more expensive and more feature-rich than what you could use.

Hello Bolik...,

i'm glad you say that, maybe I could buy a small Cisco router. But what about their firmware upgrade support timeline?

I'm serious reconsidering to buy one like this which it runs linux inside, and for sure is upgradable all the life time; but it costs in mainteinance time and installation time to get it running correctly and secure.

The issue seems not to be solved.

The choices are:

1. Cheap router to trash it after two years when it's still working.

2. Professional router to trash after (?) year when it's still working.

3. Open router to never trash it which costs in mainteinance time and settings as a server.

That's why for now i keep this bugged one, at least i don't trash money, time, creating more pollution too.

What do you think about?