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WAN Frame-relay switch (Please read)

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I have a packet tracer lab that we are working on in my NETW208 class.

The lab requires us to cable to routers and a third router acting as a Frame-relay switch.

The only Routers we have to choose from are the 1841, 2620xm, 2621xm, 2811 and two generic routers.

After every attempt to use each router and the "Frame-relay switching" command - it does not seem to use the command.

Is the documentation referring to older commands that do not work on these routers? I do not think I can do it with the routers at all - so I e-mailed my professor and explained to him my situation -

Now, my professor had told us to use a WAN Emulation device in packet tracer called a Cloud-PT.

When I use the Cloud-PT I am able to assign DLCI and name to the Serial Interface of the cloud.

Then inside the Cloud setup I am able to create a "DLCI table" which consists of "Port, Sublink, Port, Sublink"

It shows the setup as "From Port, Sublink <-> To Port Sublink"

Is there a way someone can help me? I am going to attach the LAB in word document below.

Thank you in advance!


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When using the frame-relay switch "router" that becomes the DCE device which must have clock rates for both routers.

However there are no CLOCK settings on the Cloud.


I figured it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We are just as puzzled in my class. Many of the commands from our lab aren't even recognized in the router CLI.

What did you do to figure it out? We can get sub-interfaces, but just recognizing the frame-relay intf-type commands aren't going through.

Please help?


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