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SD-WAN On-prem Controller deployment on UCS C220 server Storage Issue

Hello All,


I am facing issue with SDWAN Controller deployment on UCS c220 Server. 

There are two UCS C220 server, each has two 960GB SSD. I have attached the sizing sheet for on-prem controller deployment.  

According to cisco viptela documents , i am following the this link:-


I am using vManage cluster, it has 3 vManage, and according to above link each vManage needs 500 GB for Database Volume and 20 GB for OS Volume. So the issues are:-

-> If i am deploying the 3 vManage for cluster then it gonna need 520 GB for each vManage, in this if i am deploying two vManages on one UCS C220 server, it will take 1040GB and i have only 960GB.


what will be the solution for this, does customer has to order two more SSD of 960 GB or what ? , because UCS C220 has 6 slots of SSD? or Shall i use thin method or thick method?

(According to viptela document i should use Thick provision, i have followed the link :- )



I have also attached the Screenshot for size sheet for controllers on-prem deployment 


Anyone please suggest.


Thanks in advance.

Rohit Raj



Rohit Raj

I have this problem too.
Can i deploy a vManage cluster on-prem (for ~100 sites) on a "non recommended hardware" - Non-SSD / less than the recommended storage for the "Database Volume"?

If so, what are the risks? Will this be supported by TAC?

Yes, you can and it'll work. The recommended specs are a bit overkill and they are meant to cover the worst possible situation. 


Regarding TAC, it all depends. Most TAC engineers will have decent common sense and if it looks like your lack of recommended resources is not what's causing your problem, then they will assist.

Dear stefan.radovanovici


Thanks for the quick response, We have already resolve this issue.

Rohit Raj