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Choose one of the topics below for SD-WAN Resources to help you on your journey with SD-WAN

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Software Defined Infrastructure on exam

hello all

i am not sure is it correct i ask here or not but i've not found more expertise guys than here

please help me

if someone be novice in SDN  i mean do not know anythings about this

how many hours or months take along to fully understand which lead to practically know for new CCIE Version

as mentioned 25% will come in the new version of exam 

and is it possible to simulate or emulate this topics ?



2.1 Cisco SD Access

  • 2.1.a Design a Cisco SD Access solution
    • 2.1.a i Underlay network (IS-IS, manual/PnP)
    • 2.1.a ii Overlay fabric design (LISP, VXLAN, Cisco TrustSec)
    • 2.1.a iii Fabric domains (single-site and multi-site using SD-WAN transit)
  • 2.1.b Cisco SD Access deployment
    • 2.1.b i Cisco DNA Center device discovery and device management
    • 2.1.b ii Add fabric node devices to an existing fabric
    • 2.1.b iii Host onboarding (wired endpoints only)
    • 2.1.b iv Fabric border handoff
  • 2.1.c Segmentation
    • 2.1.c i Macro-level segmentation using VNs
    • 2.1.c ii Micro-level segmentation using SGTs (using Cisco ISE)
  • 2.1.d Assurance
    • 2.1.d i Network and client health (360)
    • 2.1.d ii Monitoring and troubleshooting

2.2 Cisco SD-WAN

  • 2.2.a Design a Cisco SD-WAN solution
    • 2.2.a i Orchestration plane (vBond, NAT)
    • 2.2.a ii Management plane (vManage)
    • 2.2.a iii Control plane (vSmart, OMP)
    • 2.2.a iv Data plane (vEdge/cEdge)
  • 2.2.b WAN edge deployment
    • 2.2.b i Onboarding new edge routers
    • 2.2.b ii Orchestration with zero-touch provisioning/Plug-And-Play
    • 2.2.b iii OMP
    • 2.2.b iv TLOC
  • 2.2.c Configuration templates
  • 2.2.d Localized policies (only QoS)
  • 2.2.e Centralized policies
    • 2.2.e i Application Aware Routing
    • 2.2.e ii Topologies
Cisco Employee

check the community resource pages. They have lot of material


Here is the SD-WAN Resource page


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