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Cisco dCloud ISE Sandbox or Secure Access Wizard demos - Testing and Verification


In dCloud we have the ISE Sandbox. It is provided as a quick opportunity on the new OS with minimal support. It comes with no documentation. The following document can be used with the Sandbox or the Secure Access Wizard as a basic flow and validation of ISE with a wireless controller.

All our demos are available under

Like most other ISE dcloud demos it includes no provided virtual clients. You have to bring your own AP/Endpoint Router kit and wireless clients. Please see other demos and their respective guides about connecting your own.


Basic testing completed with the following steps

Configured minimal settings for basic dot1x and tested connectivity. If you’d like to continue please reference existing how to guides:

ISE Guest Access Prescriptive Deployment Guide

Cisco ISE BYOD Prescriptive Deployment Guide


Configure ISE

Add Active Directory

  1. Added join point name AD1 >
  2. Administration > Identity Management > External Identity Sources  > Active Directory
  3. Joined domain administrator/C1sco12345


Added WLC to ISE

  1. Administration > Network Resources > Network Devices
  2. Name: WLC1 IP: RADIUS Shared Secret C1sco12345


Configure WLC

Configure AAA servers

  1. Go to Security > AAA > RADIUS > Authentication
  2. Add in ISE with the following and applying it
    2. Shared secret C1sco12345
  3. Create accounting server with same as above


Create Wireless network

  1. Create WLAN with the following info:
    1. WLAN create new
    2. General
  • Profile Name: dcloud-internal
  • SSID  dcloud-internal-xxxx (something unique so you don’t collide with others using dcloud ISE demos)
  • set status to enabled
  • Interface > guest
  • Choose for both
  • Flexconnect uncheck local switching
  • Security > AAA servers
  • Advanced Tab > uncheck local switching
  • Apply config/save


That’s all you need to do a basic setup test!


Test a client

  1. On your device connect to dcloud-internal-xxx
  2. Enter credentials as employee/C1sco12345
  3. Connected! Browse to internet. Success!
  4. On ISE navigate to Operations > Radius Livelog and look at your entries


That’s all included with our basic connectivity test!