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ISE Wireless Guest Setup Guide & Wizard


ISE Wireless Guest Setup Guide & Wizard (formerly known as ISE Express Wizard) are tools to help you get a Cisco Wireless Controller and ISE up and running in the shortest amount of time. It provides a complete flow on what is necessary for you to make this happen in around 90 min.

This tool has been replaced by the Secure Access Wizard (Easy Wireless Setup) since ISE 2.2. Any guides related to 1.4 and the wizard have been removed.

For ISE 2.2+ use the Secure Access Wizard

Cisco ISE Secure Access Wizard (SAW) - Guest, BYOD and Secure Access in Minutes!

For those looking for an end to end guide on how to configure ISE for Guest Access with ISE 2.3 or higher please use the ISE Guest Access Deployment Guide

ISE 2.0/2.1 Guide and Wizard

For new deployments use ISE 2.2 or higher.

ISE 1.4 Guide and Wizard (EOL/EOS)

ISE 1.4 EOL/EOS has been announced. Use ISE 2.2 or higher with Secure Access Wizard

Cisco Identity Services Engine Software Version 1.4 - Cisco


Is there any information on what protocol does "ISE 2.0 Wireless Guest setup wizard" uses. The reason I ask is because I have two controller (one physical and other virtual).

When I run this wizard on vWLC, setup wizard can talk to it and configures WLAN but when I use same wizard on WLC (5508) nothing happens, I can see in the Debug window that it can talk to WLC but after sending password to WLC it times out.


Cisco Employee

It uses SSH

This tool is for fresh setups

Going forward this is replaced by the secure access wizard in ise 2.2

Any new deployments should use ise 2.2

If you're still needing support please open in a new threadand will see how we can debug with you , please also explain why you need this and can't use 2.2

A quicker way would be to follow the guide instead


Hi Jason

Thanks, its been resolved now.

Many thanks

Cisco Employee

Thanks how did you resolve? Also as stated please look at ise 2.2 secure access wizard

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