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Core issue

This issue is due to the presence of Cisco but ID CSCsi08897.

In this issue, the correct time is dispalyed only in the CS-MARS GUI interface. There are two primary groups of users impacted by this bug:

  • Users with MARS installed prior to version 4.1.5 and have continued to upgrade, with no reimaging with a 4.1.5-or-later image

  • Users who use a US timezone, in the CLI timezone set, other than:

  • Eastern Time
  • Eastern Time - Michigan - most locations
  • Eastern Standard Time - Indiana - most locations
  • Eastern Standard Time - Indiana - Starke County
  • Central Time
  • Mountain Time
  • Mountain Time - Navajo
  • Mountain Standard Time - Arizona
  • Pacific Time
  • Alaska Time
  • Aleutian Islands


The 4.2.4 (2428) version of MARS contained the Daylight Saving Time (DST) update only for the above timezones.  In addition, users with MARS boxes upgraded to 4.2.4 (2428) that were installed prior to 4.1.5 and have not been reimaged since with a recovery DVD still do not have the DST update even for the timezones in section 2.


In order to resolve this issue, use the csmars-4.2.4-patch.pkg package from Cisco Downloads in order to download and upgrade CS-MARS.

Note: The patch can only be applied on a MARS that runs version 4.2.4 (2428).  If you are on a version of MARS earlier than this, upgrade to this version before you apply the patch.

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