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Prabhu Nagarajan




In ACS 4.x there is an option to view user creation and deletion report which is not found in ACS 5.x. How can we generate the user creation and deletion repost in ACS 5.x?


A: Perform the following steps to generate the user creation and deletion reports in ACS 5.x:


1)Go to Monitoring & Reports > Reports > Catalog > ACS Instance


2)Select ACS configuration audit and then Run -> Query and Run


3)In Object Type select "Internal User"


4)Enter Time Range and then select "Run"


This completes the report generation process.




How can we export the report generated in ACS 5.x?


A: When generating the report you will be able to see three icons on the top left of the screen. The middle one is the export icon. the report can be exported and saved in the desired location.



Some differences between ACS 4.x and ACS 5.x:

  • The major difference is that ACS 5.0 works on Linux now. ACS 4.x run on windows.


  • ACS supports new GUI that is much easier to use. In ACS 5.0 the number of clicks are reduced to perform operations.


  • There is a change of architecturein ACS 5.0. AAA decides are based on a rule based policy model with the help of access policies. You can also determine what privileges are supposed to be provided to user, device, time, any radius or tacacs+ attribute value or any LDAP or AD attribute value.


  • ACS 5.0 provides an IOS like CLI configuration option.


  • ACS logs into AD and joins the domain. LDAP and AD browser lets you see and select the attributes, groups, users you want to use in your access policies.


  • Implemented primary/master and other ACSes (secondary ACSes) can be used in HA to scale the solution. All ACS boxes would have exact copy of the configuration, config updates are propgated, only update changes are sent to secondary ACS, not the complete configuration, which makes replication faster and more efficient. Primary ACS is also capable to push down software updates centrally.


  • ACS 5.0 excels in reporting, troubleshooting and monitoring.


  • ACS 5.0 also supports new wired 802.1x which was not available in ACS 4.2



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