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Juan Ponce Dominguez
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Ready to LevelUp? New Firewall Threat Defense (FTD) software version 7.x, Snort 3 provides faster and superior threat protection & performance, and includes better SecureX integration. This new version also brings multiple functionalities to secure the remote worker and cloud deployments. Want more details about FTD software version 7.x? Check out this community post detailing Key Features in Cisco Secure Firewall version 7.x.


Assess your environment before upgrade

LevelUp is a free program that will assess your environment before upgrading and provide steps to upgrade based on your specific environment. You will walk away with a customized pre-upgrade checklist document that will include:

  • Identified issues that may cause problems during your upgrade
  • Aspects of your environment that passed checks without issue
  • Step by step upgrade instructions
  • Access to TAC engineers should you encounter issues during your upgrade



Steps to LevelUp:

  1. Enroll in the Level Up Program.
  2. Once your entry has been processed, you will receive one of three emails: Accepted, Ineligible (usually due to invalid data or CCO ID), Waitlist (you will be accepted as capacity allows).
  3. Once accepted, we will open a placeholder TAC case on your behalf and you will receive a Welcome email with further instructions to gather troubleshooting files from a representative sample of devices in your environment.
  4. Next, the LevelUp team will analyze your data against common upgrade challenges to gauge your individual susceptibility to these issues.
  5. You will receive your customized pre-upgrade document for consideration prior to upgrade.
  6. If you encounter issues during your upgrade, you will have access to a TAC engineer.


Additional resources:

Need some training? We have a large catalog of Firewall training sessions and live events where you can join Cisco experts as they cover key information on Firewall fundamentals, and advanced topics.

Best practices given by Cisco experts: Tips for before and after a Firewall upgrade.


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If you have questions along the way, comment below.

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