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Cisco Employee

Cisco Support APIs allow Partner Support Services (PSS) partners and Smart Net Total Care (SNTC) customers to programmatically access and consume Cisco data in the cloud in a simple, secure and scalable manner. And now the Support APIs' documentation, forums, blogs can be found on DevNet.

We have nine APIs currently available:

  • Automated Software Distribution API provides software information and download URLs to assist you in upgrading your device/application to a specified software release. (PSS,SNTC)
  • Bug API provides access to Cisco software defect (bug) information by Bug ID, or a list of bugs associated with a Product ID (PID) filtered by keywords, affected software release, or fixed-in software release. (PSS,SNTC)
  • Case API provides read access to TAC Support Case information based on Support Case ID, user CCO ID, Contract ID or Customer ID.  (PSS only)
  • EoX API returns End of Life (EoX) information for both hardware and software based Cisco products. (PSS,SNTC)
  • Product Information API is used along with the Serial Number to Information API and the EoX API to power Cisco's My Devices - a simple, but powerful and effective utility to manage your Cisco Devices. (PSS,SNTC)
  • Service Order Return API provides access to Cisco Return Material Authorization (RMA) information for a specific return, or several returns for a given user. (PSS,SNTC)
  • Serial Number to Information API is used within Cisco’s Device Coverage Checker to provide warranty and support coverage information for a given set of serial numbers. (PSS,SNTC)
  • Software Suggestion API, often used with Automated Software Distribution API, provides suggested software releases (based on stability, reliability and adoption rate) for a given product identifier and software attributes. (PSS,SNTC)
  • Trends API provides access to aggregate and contextual trending information related to Cisco bugs, webpages, software downloads and product ids present in either Cisco support cases or Cisco Support website. (PSS,SNTC)

You can also find technical details and information about the Cisco Support APIs at the new Cisco DevNet: Support APIs site. We know you’ll want to actively engage to learn more, so we have also created a Support APIs community where users can get additional technical content, collaborate with peers, exchange sample code, and ask questions.

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