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Cisco RV345 does not get IP Address assigned

Recently I bought a Cisco RV345 in order to replace the router/modem/switch (ZTE ExperiaBox V10) that was supplied by my ISP. My ISP published following requirements in order to make use of an own router.


  • WAN Protocol: MAC Encapsulated Routing
  • WAN1 1p/VLAN ID: 1/34
  • WAN3 1p/VLAN ID: 5/4
  • PPPoE passthrough function: Enable

What we see is that a VLAN on WAN side is required and therefore I have chosen to buy the RV345 which supports this.


My router has Firmware Version: 


Unfortunately whatever I try, I don’t get a working connection with my ISP. My ISP seems not to release an IP address to my WAN with following settings:

Sub-interface WAN 1.34

  • VLAN 34
  • Connection type : DHCP
  • DNS Server: Use DHCP Provided DNS Server

I have tried with and without MAC Address cloned from ExperiaBox


Sub-interface WAN 1.4

  • VLAN 4
  • Connection type : DHCP
  • DNS Server: Use DHCP Provided DNS Server


Added both Sub-WANs to the Multi WAN Interface Setting Table.

Interface  = Precendence

WAN 1.34 = 1

WAN 1.4 = 2

WAN 1 = 3

WAN 2 = 4

USB 1 = 5

USB 2 =6


Whatever I try, I don’t get an IP Address released / assigned to my WAN 1.34 and 1.4.


When I put a managed switch between my NTU and Router and untag VLAN 34 and connect this to WAN1 then I do get an IP Address (but only after re-powering the NTU)


What am I doing wrong as I am really puzzled by this.