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How to configure VPN tunel with NAT with Cisco RV220W?

I have router Cisco RV220W and I want configure IPSec tunel, but I must hide IP numbers from my LAN and use only my Local WAN IP address (on other side of the tunnel).

When I made Basic VPN connection tunnel is working OK, but on other side of the tunnel my computer is visible with private IP (eg 192.168....). So as I understood my tunnel is before NAT.

Is it possible to configure tunnel after the NAT?

If yes, how to do this?

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Cisco Employee

Hi Adam, The way you have

Hi Adam,


The way you have your Gateway-to-Gateway VPN configured is the only way it will work on this unit.  You have configured a remote endpoint, encryption method, and interesting traffic selector.  The interesting traffic selector is always set up in terms of the private (NATted) IP addresses.  If you need to access hosts on the LAN using a public IP address then you might want to look into setting up 1-to-1 NAT instead of a VPN.





Hi Mike,

Hi Mike,

I am having a cisco RV220W router in my office. Where I have configured one Public IP for VPN through which my other branch people are accessing. Now we are upgrading our existing. Which should work without VPN for all the people from different branches but I don’t want to stop my office production till the new software installed and stable. New Software team is asking to configure a PUBLIC IP for their server. I configured one PUBLIC IP in 1 to1 NAT and kept my VPN configuration as it is. 

Now the problem is that when I configured 1 to 1 NAT with a different PUBLIC IP which I got from the same ISP. People from other branch are not able to connect to the VPN. Is there any way to configure both VPN and 1 to 1 NAT in this device with diffrent Public IP address. Please help me.