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Problem with new firmware version in RV260

Dear All,


I recently purchased a Cisco RV260 and I'm having multiple problems that I'm not being able to solve.


1- When using the latest firmware (version, the system is not able to connect to the fiber modem (or in fact connect to any other switch). In the System Summary page it says connected at 10Mbps, when the connection should be 1000Mbps. Even it says connected at 10Mbps, the reality is that the connection does not work at all.


2- When using the firmware that was inside the router (version, it properly connects to the fiber modem at 1000Mbps and internet connection works, even not at a full speed. With this version of firmware I've set OpenVPN connections following the example in the manuals. As the router says that two (or more) simultaneous connection can be estalished with the same certificate, I've created several client certificates (one per user).


It works in theory as two or more users can establish the VPN connection. However, when several users connect, the router starts raising alert messages saying that packets are being drop in the VPN. In this situation, connections are dropped/reset and in fact internet speed for users inside the company,  is highly reduced (regular speed should be 300Mbps and it is reduced to somewhat 20Mbps).


Just as an additional information, I'd like to add that OpenVPN is working correctly when using the old router (tp-link ArcherC7), supporting up to 10 connections without quality problems or internet speed problems.


Please, can anyone provide a hint for solving this situation?


Thanks in advance