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RV340 Client-to-Site VPN Settings for GreenBow Client


I've done quite a few site-to-site VPNs with Cisco Small Business Routers.  But I've never done one from scratch for Client-to-Site.  I'm converting the site from an old Netgear router with a Cisco RV340 Dual WAN VPN Router and have a few questions:

I've been reading the procedure at: and I've been reading about Creating User Groups at: 


Where I don't quite get the gist of the approach there.  Are the Users real individual users with certain characteristics?  Or, are the Users just aliases?  I don't see how real individual users would match up with the GreenBow client entries where there is no User .. ?


Also, the GreenBow / RV340 article doesn't match very well with the actual GreenBow client software I'm using.  It's close but some things are quite different.  

I'm doing this in a "lab" environment to make it easier but still haven't hit on the magic formula.


One other question is:

Since these are Client-to-Site setups where the clients are moving around and having various different IP addresses, what does one use for Local Identifier and Remote Identifier?  If I choose for Local Identifier: Local WAN IP in Edit a New Tunnel, it doesn't fill in the space below for that.  And what to use for Remote Identifier?


In the User Groups EzVPN/3rdParty

Step 7. Choose a profile from the Select a Profile drop-down list. The options may vary, depending on the profiles that have been configured on the VPN gateway.

Even though a profile has been set up, there ARE NO profiles in the drop down list! ??

So, that's a show-stopper.

I appreciate any help as this is the first-time thought this particular device and with client-to-site setup.



Hi Fmarshall


For vpn-server c2s config for Greenbow and Shrewsoft vpn clients using only IKEv1-IPsec, the below are the steps and the c2s-server config screenshots are need to use the IDs used in the server on the client-side as well by interchanging....



In System-Mgmnt, create a user-group say named "testgroup1"


Step-2: Next in user-accounts section...create accounts (for the remote ipsec clients to login) in the user-group


Ste-3 Go to IPsec Profiles and create a algorithm profile for IKEv1


Step-4, got to client-to-site page and follow the attached screenshots...


Step-5: Configure the Greenbow IKEv1 client...




Martin Aleksandrov
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello Marshall,


Here is a more recent guide on how to configure the GreenBow client.





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