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RV340 Client-to-Site VPN setup with TheGreenBow client successful?


Has anyone been able to successfully use the RV340 Client-to-Site VPN with TheGreenBow client? 

Support folks at TheGreenBow tell me that they've done it and have been trying to help us.

So far, no success.

We've prepared checklists / tables for the settings.

Any comments or copies of settings that are working would be very helpful.


Thanks for the reply!


Have you used it successfully? 


I have the document and have gone through it many times.  One problem is that TheGreenBow images don't match the current up-to-date version and some things are left out I believe. 


I'm trying to decide if this is worth pursuing any longer.  So, if anyone has had good results, I'd like to know.  If no one says "yes" then I have a hard time pursuing something that has NEVER worked.  I'm not being a pessimist, just looking for community experience.


Again: RV340 with TheGreenBow client. 

And, other successes might be of interest:

RV340 with AnyConnect

RV340 with Shrewsoft

RV340 with OpenVPN.

BUT TheGreenBow and AnyConnect are at the top of my list for pursuit.

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