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SA540 and SSL certificate from DigiCert

Has anyone succeeded in installing a SSL certificate from DigiCert on a SA540 router?

The SSL certifcate is a wildcard variant (*


Hello Mr. ivar,

In order to get a new SSL certificate please follow the next instructions:

STEP 1 : Click Administration > Authentication.

The Authentication (Certificates) window opens.

STEP 2 For each type of certificate, perform the following actions, as needed:

• To add a certificate, click Upload. You can upload the certificate from the PC or the USB device. Click Browse, find and select the certificate, and then

click Upload.

• To delete a certificate, check the box to select the certificate, and then click


• To download the router’s certificate (.pem file), click the Download button under the Download Settings area.

STEP 3 To request a certificate from the CA, click Generate CSR.

The Generate Certification Signing Request window opens.

a. Enter the distinguished name information in the Generate Self Certificate

Request fields.

• Name: Unique name used to identify a certificate.

• Subject: Name of the certificate holder (owner). The subject field populates the CN (Common Name) entry of the generated certificate and can contain these fields:

- CN=Common Name

- O=Organization

- OU=Organizational unit

- L= Locality

- ST= State

- C=Country

For example: CN=router1, OU=my_dept, O=my_company, L=SFO, C=US

Whatever  name you choose will appear in the subject line of the generated CSR.  To include more than one subject field, enter each subject separated by a  comma. For example:, ST=CA, C=USA

• Hash Algorithm: Algorithm used by the certificate. Choose between MD5 and SHA-1

•Signature Algorithm: Algorithm (RSA) used to sign the certificate.

• Signature Key Length: Length of the signature, either 512 or 1024.

• (Optional) IP Address, Domain Name, and Email Address

b. Click Generate.

A  new certificate request is created and added to the Certification  Signing Request (CSR) table. To view the request, click the View button  next to the certificate you just created.

Or you could check it on the next link. please check page 191

If this answer was satisfactory for you, please mark the question as Answered.

Diego Rodriguez

Cisco network engineer

Thank you

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