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VPN Router Recommendations

Hi all,


I'm looking for some vpn router recommendations.


This is actually for a home setup. My main reason for looking is that I am considering getting 2 internet service providers, and using them both for load balancing and failover. Allowing me to have a reliable connection for when I'm working from home.


Some things I am looking for

- 2+ gigabit wan ports used for load balancing and failover

- 2+ gigabit lan ports capable of lacp lag

- vpn router preferred but I guess not required, I do run some rack servers split up into virtual servers from home for local testing so being able to vpn from outside would be nice

- dhcp

- dhcp reservation (optional but I know probably won't be likely)

- custom subnet masks (first vpn router i tried had at best, which made it hard to organize the ips of my different servers and devices) need to be able to assign ips with last 2 octets being custom ( or

- also would prefer if it did NOT have Wi-Fi 


I originally was going to go with the TL-R600VPN. But after already buying one, and not beong happy. I wanted to get some suggestions first.


The one that I tried previously was the linksys LRT224.