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Managed Services Solution from Level Platforms


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About Level Platforms' MANAGED WORKPLACE 2009

Managed Workplace delivers the most advanced features available today combined with proven business training and support, all for one simple low price. It enables Remote Monitoring and Management of Small Business customers by proactive monitoring and generating alerts for the IT infrastructure. Their agentless and open architecture embraces the rapidly emerging ecosystem of virtualization, cloud, SaaS, mobility and services collaboration. More information about Level Platforms' MANAGED WORKPLACE 2009 is available here.

Value proposition for Cisco Small Business Pro Series Products and Managed Services by Level Platforms

Level Platforms has tested the Managed Workplace 2009 with existing Cisco SBCS solution as well as the upcoming Cisco Small Business Pro Series such as, UC 500 Series, Secure Router 520, Security Appliance SA 500 Series, ESW 520 Series Switches and Cisco 2400 Integrated Access Device. The value proposition of the integration between Cisco and Level Platform enables our partners to:

  • Create recurring revenue streams around Cisco technologies
  • Make it easier to support Cisco devices and applications
  • Reduce cost in supporting Cisco technology
  • Make Cisco technology perform better – greater uptime and reliability
  • Enhance the customer’s experience with Cisco technologies

Key benfits for Managed Solution Providers, Resellers and VARs

  • Generate recurring, high margin revenue streams, avoiding revenue spikes of traditional break-fix service
  • Reduce the service delivery cost (less truck rolls to customers) through remote management, scripting and patching
  • Increased project sales through continuous visibility of customer’s IT
  • New customer acquisition through service differentiation

Key benefits to End Customers

  • Less focus on IT, more focus on their core business
  • Less downtime – more uptime
  • Greater ROI on their IT investment

Solution Overview

Lightweight software, “Onsite manager”, when installed on any PC at a customer site, delivers monitoring & management features to the managed services provider. The Onsite manager uses industry based standards and protocols (WMI, SNMP, Syslog, NetBios, ICMP, XML, etc) to monitor all network components. It communicates with “Service Center” using SSL and initiates connection from within the network. Service Center at VAR or Partner site uses web-based central Dashboard to monitor all the devices at the customer premise.


Level Platforms offers two solutions - "Hosted Solution" and an "On Premise Solution". In a Hosted Solution, the service center resides at a hosting provider (ex. Ingram Micro Seismic) IT Solution Providers are presented with a virtual hosted Dashboard integrated with 3rd party solutions providing an all-in-one managed service offering. In an On Premise Solution,the service center resides at the Partner’s or VAR’s premise. Partners can customize the Dashboard views for internal management efficiencies and a partner controlled and branded user environment.

Level_Hosted.jpg Level_OnPremise.jpg

Testimonials for Level Platform's Managed Services solution

Level Platforms has over 3000 managed solution providers/VARs in 30 countries. The top partners/VARs include

  • Ingram Micro – Seismic service hosted offering (hosted Managed Workplace
  • Do IT Smarter (hosted Managed Workplace)
  • ATS (hosted Managed Workplace)
  • Brookland (U.K. based hosting Managed Workplace)

Some of the testimonials from these MSPs/VARs

"In partnership with Level Platforms, Netsurit operates one of the largest managed services operations in South Africa."
Orrin Klopper, President of Netsurit

"We now deliver world class service to our customers, thanks to the remote monitoring and management capabilities of Managed Workplace."
Robert Guchee, Vice President Parsec Computer Corp.

"Managed Workplace is so much more than a monitoring tool."
Erin Arnold, Vice President NextStep Networking

"Managed Workplace/Service Center is an application that we use as the core of our service offerings."

Brian Goddard, president and owner, gTECHserv.

"We find the Partner Forum a great benefit, as it provides us with an understanding of how others are working with Managed Workplace."

Andrew Harper CIO, Gaeltek LLC

"Managed Workplace has helped us save our clients thousands of dollars with its remote monitoring capabilities."
Steve Ferman, President Compunite Computers Inc.

"The centralized interface of Managed Workplace has helped us better manage our customers and staff."
Walter Matesa, Owner Centennial Computer Solutions

"Managed Workplace’s agent-less technology provides critical insight at all levels into our customer networks. Specifically, it allows us to effectively manage both on-site networks and their counterparts located on the CSG Cloud Computing Platform (CSG CCP). This technology is essential to our ability to manage and monitor virtual environments effectively—and therefore to offer secure, first class services to our customers."
Scott Spiro, CEO Computer Solutions Group

Additional Information for Level Platforms:

Free Educational Webinar

IMPORTANT: Third party application support is from the application developer. Cisco support involves setup/integration with SBCS only