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Software On-Demand Training Resources for Customers



Click here for:  Key Links | Enterprise Agreement | Smart Accounts/Smart Licensing


Global Partner Readiness prepares Cisco partners for future changes by orchestrating consumption and adoption while leading partners on a journey toward a recurring revenue business model. 


Key Links

Cisco Software Central Tour VoD
Register for Cisco Software Training Sessions Link
Software Capability Overview for Customers  Training | VoD
Software Recurring Revenue Capability Roadmap Link
 Software Support Resources for Customers  QRG



Enterprise Agreements (EA)

EA Workspace Overview VoD
EA Workspace Training Training
EA Frequently Asked Questions FAQ 
 EA Workspace Frequently Asked Questions  FAQ
 End User Information Form (EUIF) Quick Reference Guide  QRG



Smart Accounts/Smart Licensing (SA/SL)


Training Modules

SA Request and Setup for Customers Training
SA Administration for Customers Training
Classic Licensing Management with Smart Accounts Training
Smart Licensing Management with Smart Accounts Training
Smart Software Licensing - Specific License Reservation (SLR)  Training
Network Plug and Play Connect Capability Overview  Training
Managing a Customer's Network with Plug and Play Connect  Training
Limited Use Smart Account for Small Medium Business Customers Training


Videos on Demand (VoD's)

SA Overview VoD
How to Create a New Virtual Account VoD
How to Add Users to a Smart Account VoD
Smart Software Manager (SSM) Orientation VoD
Smart Software Manager (SSM) Product Registration VoD
Smart Software Manager (SSM) On-Prem - Product Registration VoD
Smart Software Manager (SSM) On-Prem - Express Setup VoD
How to Assign a PAK to a Smart Account in LRP (License Registration Portal) VoD
How to Order in Cisco Commerce and Assign Smart Accounts VoD
LRP (License Registration Portal) Conversion  VoD


Quick Reference Guides (QRG's)

Add New User to a Smart Account QRG
Add New Virtual Account to a Smart Account QRG
Assign a PAK to a Smart Account in LRP (License Registration Portal) QRG
Assign a Partner to Manage a Customer’s Smart Account QRG
Assisting Customers with Smart Account Setup QRG
Virtual Account Custom Tagging QRG
User Groups Quick Guide QRG
Create Smart Account when using a Public Domain ID Email Address QRG
Getting Started with Smart Accounts for End Customers QRG
Request Access to an Existing Smart Account QRG
Request Smart Account for Customers QRG
Smart Account and Holding Account Roles QRG
Smart Account Setup for Customers QRG
Smart Accounts in Cisco Account Profile Manager QRG
Virtual Chat Assistant Quick Reference Guide QRG
Limited Use Smart Account for SMB Customers - QRG QRG
Software Licensing Support - Questions and Support Options QRG


Additional Resources

Best Practices for Standard Customer Smart Account Structure  QRG
Smart Account Decision Tree: Smart Account Leading Practices and Recommendations for Partners and Customers Link
Smart Accounts and Smart Licensing FAQ FAQ
Cisco ONE License Portability for Smart and Classic Licenses QRG
Configuration Guides for Shipping Smart Licensed Products Link
Smart Account Leading Practices for End Customers Link
Smart License Enabled Product Families Link
 Smart Software Licensing External Roadmap  Link
Smart Account Roles Overview QRG
Smart Licensing Agreement Link
Smart Licensing Product Configuration Guides Link



We could do with a troubleshooting guide. I am facing Product Instance Failed to Renew - The Product instance xxx in the virtual account yyyy failed to connect during its renewal period etc. but struggling to get an answer/support

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