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Automation using DNA center

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Hello dears, 

Is there any way to automate network configuration changes in the network using DNA Center ? 

Furthermore, by using template editor tool , it seems its not flexible since it must be associated with network profile and once its associated, I have to run it with another templates during the provisioning task

How can i select only one template to apply during provisioning without using the other templates that are listed with the same network profile ? 


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Yes, DNAC can be used to automate managed device configuration changes. With DNAC you have the ability to provision common network settings such as AAA, DNS, Syslog, NTP servers etc defined under Design -> Network Settings -> Network. Any other configuration changes can be applied using Day-N templates.


There are a couple of ways to provide granular Day-N template selection and provisioning.


1) Using tags. You can assign a unique tag to a device or group of devices and then attach that tag to a template. This template will then only be applied to devices with the matching tag. For example, if you wanted to create a template to apply a port configuration to a specific switch in your network, you would do the following:


  • Apply device tag 'switch-1' to the required switch under Provision -> Devices -> Tag Device
  • Create a Day-N template with the required port configuration. Under the template properties, apply device tag 'switch-1'
  • Add the Day-N template to the required network profile. Select Day-N template, select the required device type, select device tag 'switch-1' and then select the template created in step 2
  • When you provision any devices that are associated with the above network profile, the template will only be applied to devices that have a matching tag.

2) An alternative method is to use the API which allows you to apply a template directly to a device and does not require the mapping of templates to network profiles. Please see the following link for more details


I hope that this helps