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Catalyst 9136 Issues in Fabric Wireless Mode


Hello All,

I'm reaching out to see if anyone has experienced any issues with Catalyst 9136 APs in Fabric Wireless mode. We have been using SDA with eWLCs for about two years. So far our most stable codebase has been 17.6.2 through 17.6.4, with most of our sites globally being on 17.6.3 (currently operating about 16 Fabrics worldwide, some campus, some remote w/SD-WAN). We recently acquired some Catalyst 9136 access points, which pushed us to move to 17.9.3 despite the large number of SMU's that exist even for a starred code release.

On that code we are able to support 1562s, 9124s, and 9130 access points without an issue. The 9136s however only seem to work for a partial subset of clients, such as Apple MacBooks, older clients, android devices. Intel AX160 and newer clients fail to associate and the controller indicates the client is stuck in "IP Learn". We've tried disabling 6 Ghz in the RF profile and it hasn't made a difference.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue!


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Stuck in IP Learn state is more related to DHCP forwarding in SDA (VXLAN to deliver DORA to the client and CAPWAP to notify the WLC about the state of DHCP for the client).

Packet captures in the AP port on the Fabric Edge would be a good place to start (with the client joining for the first time and not getting an IP).

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