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CISCO 9222i for data replication

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I need to stablish a connection between two data centers running mainframe workload on IBM DS8000(s) subsystems. Data must be transferred from data center A to data center B. Once DS8000(s) only talk FICON and FCP we need a switch to convert that to TCPIP and then transfer the data to the target location. We have a few CISCO 9222i(s) available that have enough ports and they seem to attend our needs, but it is not clear yet if there is any special requirement for CISCO 9222i(s) be able to work on mainframe environments. Although they will not connect to the host I need to make sure if there is any constraint that avoids me to use CISCO 9222i in this scenario. Attached is a simple drawing for clarity.

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 - Note that this product is apparently end-of-life and end-of-support


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Yes @marce1000 I know that, but it will be used for 3 or 4 months only and it won't affect production if something happens, just the replication while production remains running. 

Do you know if the scenario described would work with CISCO 9222i ?