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cisco nexus 5548 dell tape library tl2000


i have this problem: i connected a dell tape library tl2000 to my switch cisco nexus 5548 via fiber channel, i need the tape library to be recognized by a server who has Veeam software running, this server is also connected to the cisco nexus the server and the tape library are on the same zone and vsan but the tape library is still undiscovered by the server.

What am i missing???

Please i need your help 

Cisco Employee

Re: cisco nexus 5548 dell tape library tl2000

Are you seeing flogi's for the tape units on the connected ports? #show flogi database for the FC interface the tape unit is plugged into?  If not,, you need to research transceiver compatibility, make sure fiber links aren't flipped, etc.


Are the devices all in the same zone (tape unit, server wwpns)?, and activated in a zoneset?

N5k: show zonetset active vsan xx

Above output should confirm that the devices are actually zoned.  If they show a *by them, then the also have an active login.


Interop is at




Re: cisco nexus 5548 dell tape library tl2000

Hello Kirk:
Thanks for the reply.....first i see all the devices in the flogi database and i check again the zone that is still active, all the devices are in the same zone......i couldnt find anything between the dell tl2000 an the cisco nexus 5548 in the interop matrix i missing anything??'

Best Regards
Cisco Employee

Re: cisco nexus 5548 dell tape library tl2000

What physical server, HBA types, OS, and backup software are you attempting to connect to the tl2000 units?

I recall the UCSM having specific settings in the vHBA policies to enable FC tape Library compatibility, and suspect your server/HBA vendor may have similar requirements.  This is assuming you have your OS drivers and backup application's HCL in line with the TL2000....



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