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FCIP Slow Performance

Hello - I need some help with fine tuning FCIP between MDS switch to MDS switch.

We have 2 x  cisco MDS 9222i ("4x1GE IPS, 18x1/2/4Gbps FC/Sup2") one at production other at DR.

Both datacentres are connected with dedicated point-to-point with 10 Gbps fibre link. Right now only 5 Gbps bandwidth available.

System version: 5.0(1a)

Ran this command ips measure-rtt x.x.x.x int gigabitethernet 1/3

Round trip time is 12365 micro seconds (12.37 milli seconds)

I have updated following FCIP settings but still not getting over 13 MB/s. Only Single 1 GE is in use right now for performace throughput testing.


Interface              Input (rate is 1 min avg)  Output (rate is 1 min avg)

                       -------------------------  -----------------------------

                       Rate     Total             Rate     Total

                       MB/s     Frames            MB/s     Frames


GigabitEthernet1/3     0        785759219         13       1446349850

FCIP Profile 3

    Tunnels Using this Profile: fcip4

    Listen Port is 3225

    TCP parameters

        SACK is enabled

        PMTU discovery is enabled, reset timeout is 3600 sec

        Keep alive is 60 sec

        Minimum retransmission timeout is 200 ms

        Maximum number of re-transmissions is 4

        Send buffer size is 2000 KB

        Maximum allowed bandwidth is 1000000 kbps

        Minimum available bandwidth is 1000000 kbps

        Configured round trip time is 20000 usec

        Congestion window monitoring is enabled, burst size is 50 KB

        Auto jitter detection is enabled

IP Compression is disabled

TCP Parameters

     Path MTU 9216 bytes

      Current retransmission timeout is 200 ms

      Round trip time: Smoothed 16 ms, Variance: 1 Jitter: 183 us

      Advertized window: Current: 1462 KB, Maximum: 24580 KB, Scale: 10

      Peer receive window: Current: 1429 KB, Maximum: 1429 KB, Scale: 10

      Congestion window: Current: 1286 KB, Slow start threshold: 6925 KB

      Current Send Buffer Size: 3434 KB, Requested Send Buffer Size: 2000 KB

      CWM Burst Size: 50 KB

      Measured RTT : 12306 us Min RTT: 12306 us Max RTT: 12734 us

    5 minutes input rate 626408 bits/sec, 78301 bytes/sec, 869 frames/sec

    5 minutes output rate 118285184 bits/sec, 14785648 bytes/sec, 7807 frames/sec

      92617362 frames input, 8353738592 bytes

         1207649 Class F frames input, 117198804 bytes

         91409713 Class 2/3 frames input, 8236539788 bytes

         0 Reass frames

         0 Error frames timestamp error 0

      1382952749 frames output, 2676072676760 bytes

         1207808 Class F frames output, 161161800 bytes

         1381744941 Class 2/3 frames output, 2675911514960 bytes

         0 Error frames

GigabitEthernet1/3 is up

    MTU 9216  bytes

    Port mode is IPS

    Speed is 1 Gbps

    Beacon is turned off

    Auto-Negotiation is turned on



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