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how to rename zones on MDS9513?


hi, I have a question.

since the system administrators changed the hostnames of the servers after zoning, so we need to update our zones correspondingly.

old hostnames new hostnames

MWDBWS0274 ------------->dbops01n1
MWDBWS0275 ------------->dbops01n2

please refer to the below for detail.

now I need to update device-alias as well as the zones.

how can I make this? I don't see "device-alias rename" or "zone rename" commands in the CLI reference book.

so would you please help point me the right steps?

thanks in advance!

1) this is the device-alias

fswcor01# sh device-alias database |grep -i MWDBWS027
device-alias name MWDBWS0274hba0 pwwn 20:03:04:25:b5:8a:00:6f
device-alias name MWDBWS0275hba0 pwwn 20:03:04:25:b5:8a:00:7f

fswcor02# sh device-alias database |grep -i MWDBWS027
device-alias name MWDBWS0274hba1 pwwn 20:03:08:25:b5:8a:00:6f
device-alias name MWDBWS0275hba1 pwwn 20:03:08:25:b5:8a:00:7f

2) these are the old zones on the 2 switches
fswcor01# sh zoneset |grep -i MWDBWS027
zone name MWDBWS0274hba0_lasvnx01_spa4p2 vsan 510
pwwn 20:03:04:25:b5:8a:00:6f [MWDBWS0274hba0]
zone name MWDBWS0274hba0_lasvnx01_spb2p2 vsan 510
pwwn 20:03:04:25:b5:8a:00:6f [MWDBWS0274hba0]
zone name MWDBWS0275hba0_lasvnx01_spa4p2 vsan 510
pwwn 20:03:04:25:b5:8a:00:7f [MWDBWS0275hba0]
zone name MWDBWS0275hba0_lasvnx01_spb2p2 vsan 510
pwwn 20:03:04:25:b5:8a:00:7f [MWDBWS0275hba0]

fswcor02# sh zoneset |grep -i MWDBWS027
zone name MWDBWS0274hba1_lasvnx01_spb4p2 vsan 520
pwwn 20:03:08:25:b5:8a:00:6f [MWDBWS0274hba1]
zone name MWDBWS0274hba1_lasvnx01_spa2p2 vsan 520
pwwn 20:03:08:25:b5:8a:00:6f [MWDBWS0274hba1]
zone name MWDBWS0275hba1_lasvnx01_spb4p2 vsan 520
pwwn 20:03:08:25:b5:8a:00:7f [MWDBWS0275hba1]
zone name MWDBWS0275hba1_lasvnx01_spa2p2 vsan 520
pwwn 20:03:08:25:b5:8a:00:7f [MWDBWS0275hba1]

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haha I know it now.....after search the knowledgebase.....

anywya thanks all

fswcor01#config t
fswcor01(config)# device-alias database
fswcor01(config-device-alias-db)# device-alias rename MWDBWS0274hba0 dbops01n1hba0 ====>rename device-alias
fswcor01(config-device-alias-db)# device-alias commit
fswcor01(config)# zoneset name laspssfabA vsan 510
fswcor01(config-zoneset)# zone rename MWDBWS0274hba0_lasvnx01_spa4p2 dbops01n1hba0_lasvnx01_spa4p2 vsan 510 ====》rename zone
fswcor01(config-zoneset)# zone rename MWDBWS0274hba0_lasvnx01_spb2p2 dbops01n1hba0_lasvnx01_spb2p2 vsan 510 ====》rename zone
fswcor01(config)# zoneset activate name laspssfabA vsan 510

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