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How to use syslog with a MDS 9148


I'm looking for some informations regarding MDS-9148 and syslog.  I need for some security needs, to send the events of a cisco MDS-9148 into a syslog server.

I did the following commands:

config t
logging server
logging commit 

--> When i executed the command "logging commit", the switch has return to me the following error message:

     CFS distribution is not enabled for logging


It's a FC switch, so the only IP link should be for the management.

Must i do something related with CFS to enable logging events to syslog server ?  I've checked with our network admin that uses Nexus switch and he doesn't seem to use CFS for it's logging to a syslog server.

Thank you,


Paresh Gupta
Cisco Employee


'logging server' command is enough for this switch to send syslog to the configured IP address. This is all you need if you want to send the syslog from just one switch. However, if you wish to maintain the same syslog server throughout the fabric, use logging distribute followed by logging commit.

Hi Paresh,

Thank you for you answer.  It confirm what our network admin showed me.  However, it is not working i'm still getting the the message: CFS distribution is not enabled for logging

If i run the command: show cfs status, i receive the following information

Distribution : Enabled
Distribution over IP : Disabled
IPv4 multicast address :
IPv6 multicast address : xxxx::xxxx:xxxx
Distribution over Ethernet : Disabled

We are pretty sure we aren't using CFS.  In one of our datacenter, we got 2 switchs 9148 configured with NPV.  The other datacenter  has only 1 switch per fabric. 

Am i getting the CFS message because it is actually "Enabled" ?

I did a show runnin-config cfs, to see if there was a configuration done of CFS, but there is none.

Can i "Disable" it without causing issue ?

Thank you for the help you can provide,


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