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Hi all,Can anyone tell me how Fabric Manager does its discovery of the SAN fabric and is there a command line equivalent e.g. equivalent to CDP?     I need to make a network map of the switch connectivity if possible? thanks Chris

I have an MDS9124 that is connected to an MDS 9124e connected into an HP blade chassis.  I notice then when looking at the fc domain status, the 9124e shows as running at priority 2, even though that priority is not configured  in the running config....

Hi,I am a little confused about how a servers would decide on which VSAN to route through when there are two VSAN confiured. Considering the following topology where we have VSAN 10 and VSAN 20. MDS1 is configured for VSAN 10. MDS2 is configured for ...

kaschauh by Level 1
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We recently upgraded our DCNM server to 6.3(1) and we've noticed that the server hosting the DCNM application is doing more IOPS than any server in our environment!It seems to be doing 8,000 - 10,000 IOPS constantly.In Windows you can see that postgr...

95huskers by Level 1
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Hi, Have a new DC solution with Nexus 56128 switches running LAN + Native FC.Storage Arrays shall be connected to the Nexus switches via 8G FCCustomer has Dell blade with Qlogic SAN switches, where existing zoning is done. Today these are connected t...

jorgensor by Level 1
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Dear Team!I have software Cisco Fabric Manager 4.2a (in SAN management server based on Windows Server 2003) Standalone version, which managed our existing fabrics (we have 2) now. In case of OS "Windows 2003 server" going to End of Life/Support, we s...

I have two older MDS-9124s that we are replacing with MDS-9148 as part of an overall SAN upgrade. It is possible to simply interconnect one 9124 with one 9148 and basically make a stack as the first step to replacing the 9124? I am thining this would...

bberry by Level 1
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