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Resolved! Where can I find a list of Cisco approved venders that manufacture SFP transceivers for Cisco switches?

Ok so here is the situation.We are doing a core infrastructure upgrade on our system. We are not a big organization (600 - 700) so we run a stack of 4 3750G switches as our core switch.We are purchasing two new Nexus 3524 switches to act as our iSCSI...

ken.pleva by Beginner
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Cisco MDS 9148 compatibity with EMC VNX 5300

Hi Cisco ,We have 2 MDS 9148 switches running on NX-OS 5.0(1a). These switches are connected to EMC VNX 5300 currently running on 05.31 version.We are planning to upgrade both Switches and VNX. So my query to you guys is, I am thinking to upgrade Swi...

pranavbpk by Beginner
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Resolved! Buffer to buffer credits alerts

We have just upgraded the MDS 9509 switches from 4.2.5 > 5.0.4d. Since the upgrade we have been getting the below alerts about every 10 minutes on different ports but on both switches that were upgradedEvent Description:RMON_ALERT WARNING(4) Falling:...

Resolved! FIP and Native VLAN

Hello,according to documentation, FIP uses native vlan for FCoE VLAN discovery. Is it necessary to trunk native VLAN on the CNA port of a switch facing a server? For example if e1/1 is connected to a host and I'm using VLAN10 for data and VLAN100 for...

ataranen by Beginner
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DCNM Help - Help !

Hi, We have just installed DCNM and are using Radius for login security however we did something wrong and don't have enough priviledges and cannot logon with admin account because Radius is active (bad design) How can we fix this please ? Regards Sc...

sdawson35 by Beginner
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