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MDS 9148 to 9148s Migration

Hello All


I have a pair of Cisco MDS 9148 8Gb switches and I need to replace them with a pair of Cisco MDS 9148S 16Gb switches. I was wondering if I can take a backup of the running config of 9148 and restore it to 9148S. If that works, I was planning to replace 1 switch at a time as all the connected devices have dual path. How should I execute this ?


Do I need to backup/restore anything else apart from running config?

Is there anything else I should skip or overwrite after I restore the backup?

Is there anything that needs manual configuration?

Anything else I should check ?



Cisco Employee

Hi C2020,

Here is what I would do.


Perform base config of the MDS 9148S (Mgmt IP etc.)

Check that the MDS 9148S domain ID is numerically higher than the MDS 9148 domain ID

Connect MDS 9148S and MDS 9148 in the same fabric

Merge the fabrics, this copies the configuration to the new switch

Move storage array ports one-by-one to the new switch

Check host connectivity after moving each port



Few things to note (verify):

Verify and enable enhanced device alias mode

device-alias mode enhanced device-alias commit

Create necessary VSANs on the new switch

Verify and enable enhanced zone mode / smart zone mode

Switch priority range from 1 to 254, default is 128

Priority 1 has the highest priority

During the principal switch selection phase;

Switch with the highest priority becomes the principal switch

If configured same priority, the switch with the lower WWN becomes the principal switch

Domain ID and Priority determines Principal Switch selection

The principal switch copies its config to all subordinate switches

Use this behavior to help you migrate to your new switches

But be careful – make sure right domain-id and priorities are set before connecting them

Here is a nice TAC note / Config example: 


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