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Migrate Zones from existing VSAN to new VSAN

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Level 1

I have a situation where I need to move 50+ Aliases and 100+ zones from a VSAN that has 1000+ zones into a new VSAN and Zoneset.

I know what when the port membership changes to the new VSAN the FCID will change. Is there a way to migrate the 50+ Aliases and 100+ zones from the existing VSAN to the new VSAN without having to recreate and update the Alias and zones?

Is there a tool to do this?

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Level 5

dump vsan information into a text file, do find/replace to change the vsan number and then import it to the new vsan.


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Level 1

perhaps you have sorted this out by now.

consider using device aliases in new configuration as it stays valid across different vsans (need not define fabric aliases for each vsan)

find-replace and copy-paste are great tool as suggested by Dynamoxxx, alongwith word/excel

you can extract existing fc aliases and create commands to generate device aliases based on those.

then merge the zone config and replace vsan numbers. it would be good idea to manually go through the new statements and make sure that a uniformity in naming of zones/members etc is followed.

you can create new VSAN and then import this configuration in it. once zoneset is activated correctly in this vsan (hosts will not log in yet), you can move your ports into new VSANs and they would start logging in. you may do it selectively (move HBAs and storage ports in group).

FCIDs do change and that should not be your concern unless you have AIX hosts.

once all ports have moved and logged in new zone/vsan, you can delete fabric aliases and old vsan/zones

one note to add. FCID change will impact HPUX and AIX, but if AIX is using dyntrk ..then FCID change will not impact the host.

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