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Netapp to Nexus Communications Issues



Any and all help appreciated.

Please see the attached diagram.


7ks are at the core.

2ks are at the distribution/agg layer(layer 2 only)


The port-channel comes up and all appears well. However Netapp cannot ping(communicate) with Core-A's IP address(SVI) or the VRRP VIP. It can communicate with Core-B, but not the VIP. This same behavior occurs when the Netapps are directly connected to the cores.


A single connection directly to Core-A works; Core-A's SVI is ping-able, as well as the VIP.


There are other Netapp devices in the environment, wired like the diagram, that work. However, different models and OSs. The device in question is a FAS 8200, OS 9.4 P2.


We've really been through the ringer with this. The latest is that NetApp, on this version of software, no longer supports "Fast-Path." Not sure how this would affect us. But on the production netapp system, Fast-path is not enabled.

Thank you



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