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Nexus 5010 + Cisco Twinax + EMC VNX5300 FCOE

Sandeep Singh
Level 7
Level 7

<Original post by Paoletto, replied by Jeremy. Moving from documents section to discussion section>


We are unable to bring up the Cisco SFP+ twinax on a EMC VNX5300, it seems that this storage supports only active twinax cable (cisco 5m are passive).

The UCS nodes connected to the same switch using same cables are up and working (their pwwn appear on flogi database) but the storage is not working as expected: the physical interface come up but their bound vfc interfaces stuck in initializing state (no flogi on their side)

I would like to know if someone, in this forum, has been capable of using Cisco SFP+ with this storage...

Thanks in advance

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Sandeep Singh
Level 7
Level 7

Yes, we have connected VNX FCoE ports to Nexus 5000/5500s using twinax. You have to have the active mode cables though. You can also use an SFP on either end and fiber, I have never tried using a Cisco 10G-SR SFP in the VNX ports. I have used 10G SFPs from EMC though. I have used the 7M active twinax from cisco.

I have a question,

Is it possible to use active twinax cable on ethernet interfaces (not FCoE) between VNX and N5k?

Thanks in advance. Regards!