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Nexus Design with two Datacenters on a campus

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Hi there,

I'm trying to figure out how to deploy an nexus 5k environment in a configuration with two local datacenters (500 meters apart).

So this is the current deployment:

Two datacenter on a local campus, a typical dual-fabric SAN design and two core-switches for networking.

Servers are connected to seach SAN fabric with an HBA and via serveral network ports to the network (core).


Quite simple and it works fine.

Now the task is to upgrade the server connections to 10Gbit. Since the 6509 cannot take any more linecards we'll have to use new switches and connect via 1Gbit Uplinks to the core.

While we're at it we figured wo could introduce FCOE while preserving the dual-fabric SAN design with existing brocade switches.

Since each server is supposed to be connect to two switches (redundancy) I cannot simple use one nexux 5000 in each datacenter.

I figured I need four nexus 2000 and two nexus 5000:


The nexus 5000 would need to go into NPV-mode since we have to stick to the brocade switches in our FC-SAN.

Would this be a valid solution, is there any flaw or is it too complex?

I'm not sure about the FC-Uplinks to the fabric...

Thanks in advance,



Another Idea:


I reduced the nexus interconnects (each nexus 2000 sticks now to one nexus 5000).

Point is I'd like to make sure each server is connected in both fabrics if he's attached to both nexus.


The Nexus 2000 data sheet ( says:

Distance between Cisco Nexus 2000 Series Fabric Extender and Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switch: Up to 3 km (300m for FCoE traffic)

Is this still a valid limitation? It would be a heavy setback...

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