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storage directly connected nexus 5672UP


We have had to amend our storage network due to a failed brocade.


Previously, we had 2 x Nexus 5672UP (with NPV enabled) 2 x fcports connecting to the brocades in NP mode.

prev topology.png

The plan was/is to attach unity storage direct to our Nexus 5672UP 16G-FC eliminating the brocades totally.

desired topology.png

I have amended the fc2/x ports to be switchport mode F and all the required ports (VFC interface bind to eth for servers) are in the correct VSAN, however I am getting a “npmExtLinkDown” from the show interface brief


fc2/11     2001   F      off     npmExtLinkDown             swl  

fc2/12     2001   F      off     npmExtLinkDown             swl


There is no zoning in place and is not available on our nexus switch? Which is another issue…

Any help from the storage guru’s on this?  



VIP Guru

i believe it required a simple ISL Link to work, post the configuration



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Thanks for the response Balaji,


I should have mentioned that due to the failed brocade and it being a production environment we are in a non-resilient state with one of the NX switches still connected to the Brocade and then to the storage (live)


The plan is to remove the brocades if we can get the storage directly attached to the nexus…

Whilst researching this issue on another post it was suggested that the nexus’s need to have the feature “NPV” removed, config wrote, and then a reload,



As requested here is the config that I think you are after



feature fcoe

fabric-mode 40G


interface vfc1

  bind interface Ethernet1/1

  no shutdown


interface vfc2

  bind interface Ethernet1/2

  no shutdown


interface vfc3

  bind interface Ethernet1/3

  no shutdown


interface vfc4

  bind interface Ethernet1/4

  no shutdown


interface vfc5

  bind interface Ethernet1/5

  no shutdown


interface vfc6

  bind interface Ethernet1/6

  no shutdown


interface vfc7

  bind interface Ethernet1/7

  no shutdown


interface vfc8

  bind interface Ethernet1/8

  no shutdown


interface vfc9

  bind interface Ethernet1/9

  no shutdown


interface vfc10

  bind interface Ethernet1/10

  no shutdown


interface vfc11

  bind interface Ethernet1/11

  no shutdown


interface vfc12

  bind interface Ethernet1/12

  no shutdown


interface vfc13

  bind interface Ethernet1/13

  no shutdown


interface vfc14

  bind interface Ethernet1/14

  no shutdown


interface vfc15

  bind interface Ethernet1/15

  no shutdown


interface vfc16

  bind interface Ethernet1/16

  no shutdown


interface vfc17

  bind interface Ethernet1/17

  no shutdown


interface vfc18

  bind interface Ethernet1/18

  no shutdown


interface vfc19

  bind interface Ethernet1/19

  no shutdown


interface vfc20

  bind interface Ethernet1/20

  no shutdown


interface vfc21

  bind interface Ethernet1/21

  no shutdown


interface vfc22

  bind interface Ethernet1/22

  no shutdown


interface vfc23

  bind interface Ethernet1/23

  no shutdown


interface vfc24

  bind interface Ethernet1/24

  no shutdown


interface vfc341

  bind interface Ethernet3/4/1

  no shutdown


interface vfc342

  bind interface Ethernet3/4/2

  no shutdown


interface vfc343

  bind interface Ethernet3/4/3

  no shutdown


interface vfc344

  bind interface Ethernet3/4/4

  no shutdown


vsan database

  vsan 2001 interface vfc1

  vsan 2001 interface vfc2

  vsan 2001 interface vfc3

  vsan 2001 interface vfc4

  vsan 2001 interface vfc5

  vsan 2001 interface vfc6

  vsan 2001 interface vfc7

  vsan 2001 interface vfc8

  vsan 2001 interface vfc9

  vsan 2001 interface vfc10

  vsan 2001 interface vfc11

  vsan 2001 interface vfc12

  vsan 2001 interface vfc13

  vsan 2001 interface vfc14

  vsan 2001 interface vfc15

  vsan 2001 interface vfc16

  vsan 2001 interface vfc17

  vsan 2001 interface vfc18

  vsan 2001 interface vfc19

  vsan 2001 interface vfc20

  vsan 2001 interface vfc21

  vsan 2001 interface vfc22

  vsan 2001 interface vfc23

  vsan 2001 interface vfc24

  vsan 2001 interface vfc341

  vsan 2001 interface vfc342

  vsan 2001 interface vfc343

  vsan 2001 interface vfc344

  vsan 2001 interface fc2/11

  vsan 2001 interface fc2/12

  vsan 2001 interface fc2/13

  vsan 2001 interface fc2/14

  vsan 2001 interface fc2/15

  vsan 2001 interface fc2/16

  vsan 2001 interface fc2/17

  vsan 2001 interface fc2/18

  vsan 2001 interface fc2/19

  vsan 2001 interface fc2/20

  vsan 2001 interface fc2/21

  vsan 2001 interface fc2/22

  vsan 2001 interface fc2/23

  vsan 2001 interface fc2/24


feature npv

feature npiv


fcoe vsan 2001


interface fc2/11

  switchport speed 4000

  switchport mode F

  switchport description UnityA-0


interface fc2/12

  switchport speed 4000

  switchport mode F

  switchport description UnityA-1



sh license usage

Feature                      Ins  Lic   Status Expiry Date Comments



FCOE_NPV_PKG                  No    -   Unused             -

FM_SERVER_PKG                 No    -   Unused             -

ENTERPRISE_PKG                Yes   -   Unused never       -

FC_FEATURES_PKG               Yes   -   In use never       -

VMFEX_FEATURE_PKG             No    -   Unused             -

ENHANCED_LAYER2_PKG           No    -   Unused             -

NETWORK_SERVICES_PKG          No    -   Unused             -

LAN_BASE_SERVICES_PKG         Yes   -   In use never       -

LAN_ENTERPRISE_SERVICES_PKG   No    -   Unused             -


sh run | in feature

feature fcoe

no feature telnet

feature interface-vlan

feature hsrp

feature lacp

feature dhcp

feature lldp

feature npv

feature npiv